Waylon Brunette

Waylon Brunette
Assistant Professor
Augusta University
Email: wbrunette at augusta dot edu

Curriculum Vitae
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I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences at the Augusta University. My research interests include mobile computing, computing for development, ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor networks, sensor-enhanced computing, edge computing, and smart applications. Specifically, I am interested in using devices, sensors, services, and interfaces to create computer systems that integrate seamlessly into a user’s environment allowing technology to fade into the background of daily life. I often combine systems research with building edge technology to support global health, humanitarian assistance, and international development by creating software frameworks to simplify building and managing domain-specific mobile applications in resource-constrained environments. For information services to be successful in resource-constrained environments, software needs to be robust and flexible enough to be composable by non-programmers and be deployable by resource-constrained organizations using primarily consumer services and devices. Isolating reusable framework components from the user-configurable application components can reduce the skill required to customize applications.

Before joining Augusta University, I completed my PhD at the University of Washington's Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering where I was one of the founders of the Open Data Kit Project.


I am actively looking for motivated people to join my new research group. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds, so I encourage anyone who is interested in working with me to contact me.